Sunday, 10 May 2015


In 2012 after a lot of soul searching my partner, Jo and I decided to give up our full time careers and begin planning how we might be able to buy a small holding in Poland. We wished to set up an animal conservation centre primarily for wolves but all would be welcome, whilst operating a small garden centre for income and live in a self-sufficient homestead. over the next year, we sold most of our useless belongings and put the rest in storage. We rented our small English house out. Planned our new lifestyle, loaded our car and left for Europe in November 2013.

The reasoning behind our departure for Europe with a small Skoda car, two tents of different sizes and associated camping accessories and two bags of clothes was sound. We planned to work in various parts of Europe gaining valuable experience and ideas both good and bad relevant to our dream.

For the past 18 months we have been working in Europe in various countries at various places with the help of and other mediums generating both paid and volunteer positions. We have worked through rain, wind, snow, hail and heat. We have worked with chickens, pigs, goats and even whales and dolphins which when we think about it, will not be useful in Poland.

It is now May of 2015 and we are currently working at a beautiful Gite complex and working farm in Brittany Le Rhun we will be here until November.

We feel that 2016 will be the year when we find our homestead and decided to write a blog about that experience, please follow and interact with us. We intend to post weekly on Sundays.

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